Powder Man





OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE – This is an exciting time to be considering a career at Austin Powder. Much of our competitive advantage lies within our people and how we creatively work together. We give our people the opportunity to contribute to their fullest and to use their talents to make a difference inside and outside Austin Powder.

Austin Powder strives to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to contribute to results, collaborate with other employees and the communities in which we work and create value for our customers.

Austin Powder also derives strength in our DIVERSITY, which represents the breadth of the countries and locations in which we produce and market our products and breadth of markets we serve. Diversity at Austin Powder means treating all those with whom we interact on a global basis with respect and dignity. Out of that respect emanates out unyielding commitment to SAFETY and maintaining healthy work environments and policies.

To be considered for a position at Austin Powder, please send your resume, interest and any geographic restrictions to resume@austinpowder.com (resumes must be in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or text file formats).

Your information will remain active for six months. Should there be opportunities that match your skills and interest, we will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in Austin Powder as a potential employer.